Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bella Vino

Mary, Hannah and I went to the grand opening party at Bella Vino this evening. This is a small wine store located in a strip mall near Buffalo Wild Wings on Hull Street Road. We had an outstanding time. They featured several wines from across the globe. Our favorites were a 2003 Nipozzano Riserva and a 2004 Red X. The Nipozzano is a Chianti which is begging to be served with some sort of pasta. The Red X is a blend(Can't remember the blend) that is from the California Central Valley. This is one of the most unoffensive wines I have tasted in while, and at $14 a bottle it won't break the bank either. I got 6 bottles of the Nipozzano and 12 of the "X".
This store is owned by the Vadella family, one of my neighbors. They have done a great job merchandising the store and their inventory is very global. It will be very nice to stop by Bella Vino on the way home and pair up a nice bottle of wine, no matter what the cuisine.
Hannah had a great time as well. She hooked up with the youngest Vadella. They spent a couple of hours coloring, writing stories and chasing each other around the store. It was very nice for us that Hannah had something to occupy her time.
It is nice to see a decent wine shop move close to our nieghborhood and I look forward to shopping there frequently.

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Bel said...

Sounds like a great time.
I wish we could have a wine shop near here too.
Hope you're having a good weekend.

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