Saturday, February 3, 2007

I need defenitions

I need definitions on a few blogging terms.

1. What is technorati?

2. What is a meme?

3. What is "A" lister versus "Z" lister

Please answer these for me and some of the other people out there that are trying to figure some of these things out.


Jeremiah Test said...

Technorati: I just talked about it here:

Meme: An idea, a thought, a conversation.

A lister - Z lister:
there is no criteria to define.

bscoble said...

Thanks Jeremiah

Carol said...

A Lister - Z lister means they were hot - as in "on the A list" to being a Z lister as in nobody cares anymore, worse than a D lister, the lowest you can go about anyone caring about you or what you write or do. You don't want to be a Z lister..and you're not :)

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