Friday, February 2, 2007

I got tagged by Alex

Well Cilck hereAlex wants me to tell everyone the 5 thing you don't know about me.

1. I hate these thing even more than my brother RobertClick here. But I love them both so I am answering it anyways. Robert refers to me as a "z" list blogger, so I guess it is acceptable for me to do these list things.

2. I own a Matco Tools franchise. I love to further my relationships with my customers.

3. I love to drink beer, Miller Lite preferably(I don't get paid to say that).

4. I love golf. It's the only thing I really want to do with my spare time. When I am not playing well(almost always), refer to #3. There are a few courses in Florida I would love to play.

5. I am a really conservative man. I don't like liberals(except my whole family), I like guns, I think the government spends too much money(even George Bush), I don't believe in killing unborn children, I think the borders should be closed, and I wish the conservative talk show guys(Savage, Limbaugh, etc.) would stop calling people names. We have a better argument and name calling gets in the way of that.

This is the last time I will answer this question!!!

Still love ya bro!!!

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