Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Anonymous Bloggers

I have noticed lately that the most negative and annoying bloggers don't seem to have a blog or a real name. I understand this in some cases. For instance if you were blogging about a convicted murderer, I would not want such a person to know who I am. But for much of the bloggosphere there is no reason to be anonymous. So I had to come up with a list of reasons someone would hide their identity:

1. Social Retard - this is a person who could only ask a girl to dance if they were wearing a mask of she was paid help.

2. Crap Disturber - this is a person who kicks the crap over just to regain the smell. We see these types never letting go of a controversial topic.

3. LayZ - this is a person who wants to be so annoying that people stop reading a certain blog, just to get away.

4. Spammer - someone trying to sell a product or a service. Or someone with a particular agenda.

I look forward to hearing some more reasons to be anonymous!


Bel said...

Don't you wonder why some people just don't go and create their own blogs, instead of hanging around being anonymous and offensive on other people's blogs?

Perhaps they know that that is the only way they would get attention.

I have a very ruthless policy on my blog, and delete any anonymous poster who crosses the clearly-drawn line. Perhaps more people should do this.

PS. I like your blog. I have added you to my links, as I will be visiting regularly. Hope you're having a good day.

Bel (www.beltoday.com)

Nick said...

Some employers don’t really support blogging… and besides, I think having a blog is useful to supplement a resume (depending on your industry I suppose). As long as it’s intelligent and informed I don’t think it matters too much.

bscoble said...

Thanks Bel ... come visit anytime. Very nice to blog with a conservative person from the UK!!!

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